Add variety to your conference

With our event venues with a capacity of up to 300 persons in a landscape surrounded by beautiful forests, meadows and fields, the Linslerhof opens up a number of opportunities for you to provide your staff with further training in a memorable way.

Motivation and communication form the basis of a functioning team. Through an incentive programme in addition to continued training and education, you can improve the cooperation of your staff and thus improve team spirit.

We would be happy to work with you to develop your custom supporting programme, with intensive training sessions including exciting incentives, such as…

Falconry display
Shooting on the underground shooting range
Wellness break in the Day Spa
Guided walks through the Warndt forest
Barbecue under the chestnut trees

Horse seminars at the Linslerhof

Interaction with horses can only occur on the basis of natural authenticity and authority. Horses are strong animals and humans are usually unable to exercise any “physical force” against them. They are flight animals, meaning that they always seek distance if they are scared or stressed.

The same skills are required when interacting with employees. Managers, too, should not exercise force against their employees, but should motivate them instead so that they do not “take flight”. There are therefore various parallels between interacting with horses and successful employee management.

Our seminar, “Successful interaction with horses for successful employee management” is based on these parallels and teaches management teams to motivate and lead horses – and indirectly their employees – in a natural way.

The successful dressage rider Sandra Newedel-Hilpisch leads this seminar. She has over 30 years of experience working with horses.

The seminar consists of a short theoretical introduction, a demonstration and an intensive practical component.

„De arte venandie“

Natural management expertise with birds of prey

Falconry is management. This fact was recognised by Kaiser Friedrich II (in his book “De arte venandi com avibus –- The Art of Hunting with Birds”.) and he even went so far as to say that “only those who master falconry, meaning training, caring for and hunting with birds of prey, can lead an empire”.

The art of interacting with wild birds of prey opens up extensive insights and new perspectives in order to manage employees. That’s because falconry, which is all about managing a free spirit, is a real challenge.

Over 30 birds of prey are housed in the Saarländischer Jagdfalkenhof at the Linslerhof and are incorporated into modern management expertise.
(Price available on request)

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