Environmental Conservation & Sustainability

Award for sustainable ecological and future-oriented engagement

We support the preservation of values and the considerate treatment of nature and our environment as a whole. Sustainability and environmental conservation are important issues for us, which is why we are making sure that natural resources are used carefully.

In 2011 the Hotel Linslerhof became a “Certified Green Hotel”. As a conference hotel, the Linslerhof belongs to the few business hotels which fulfill the strict requirements of the German Business Travel Association (VDR).

In terms of energy, the estate management team relies on the production of renewable energies such as solar energy, for example. We are one of the largest private producers of solar electricity in the south west of Germany. And when it comes to water provision for the estate, we have invested in ecologically sustainable approaches in order to preserve resources. Our on-site sewage treatment plant ensures that only biologically treated water is returned back into the “Linslerhof Water Protection Area”. Our use of water, a limited resource, is therefore safeguarded as best as is possible.

With our overall concept for sustainable and ecologically forward-looking behaviour, we are pioneers in the Saarland.

Modern agricultural management at the Linslerhof

Agriculture and livestock characterize the long history of the Linslerhof. Pigs, cattle and horses found their place in the spacious stables and on the fields cereals, oilseed rape or potatoes were grown.
The passionate farmer Ewald Meyer has been successfully running the fields and administration of the riding business for more than 35 years as a service provider with more than 50 horse boxes and the many surrounding paddocks.

Rye, barley, corn and oilseed rape are grown on the estate’s 130 hectares of farmland. As an integral part of modern agricultural management, crops change every three years to sustain and renew soil fertility. Hay and straw are harvested on a further 130 hectares of land owned by farmers, which can therefore be used without long distances in the riding business.
In addition, a large area solar array was built, which now supplies more than 3000 households in the region with environmentally friendly solar power.

Certified Green Hotel

Our hotel, awarded as a Certified Green Hotel, stands for sustainability and environmental awareness. We are committed to protecting the environment while providing a high standard of service to our guests. From using energy-saving light bulbs and natural cleaning products to promoting local and organic food in our restaurant, we implement measures that minimise our ecological footprint. Our hotel is proud to be part of a movement that promotes a sustainable future, and we look forward to welcoming our guests in an environment that is both comfortable and sustainable. Stay with us and support sustainability without sacrificing comfort.

certified green hotel