Winter magic at your wedding: these 5 decorating tips will make your celebration unforgettable

winter wedding
can create a magical atmosphere and make the most beautiful day of a couple’s life unforgettable. With the right decorations, you can create a truly wintery atmosphere. Here are 5 decorating tips that will help you do just that:

1. snowflakes and ice crystals: Use snowflakes and ice crystals as a central decorative element. You can use them on tablecloths, napkins, invitation cards and even on the wedding cake to create a true winter dream. Ice crystal shapes made of cardboard, wood or glass are also real eye-catchers when hung from the ceiling. The icy splendor becomes even more beautiful with glittering accents in silver or gold.

2. winter floral arrangements: Use flowers in cool shades, such as white roses or lilies, to create a wintery look. Christmas roses and amaryllis can also set special accents. The elegant flowers can easily be combined with simple, green highlights such as eucalyptus or starry umbel. Ribbons in matching colors complete your floral decorations.

3. candles and lights: Use candles and lights in different sizes and shapes for a beautiful play of light. The warm, soft lights create a cozy atmosphere and ensure that guests feel comfortable. Candles can be used to decorate the tables or to light up the aisle along the guests with a romantic glow. Large candles can also be used as decorations to brighten up the entrance or reception area. Use scented candles to create even more atmosphere and enhance the winter magic with fragrances such as cinnamon, vanilla or pine.

4. fir branches and berries: Wreaths made from fir branches and berries are perfect as centerpieces on your tables or as a backdrop for winter wedding photos. The green branches and red berries (e.g. cranberries) create a harmonious and natural look that is perfect for the cold season. They can also be used as place card holders or as an accent on the wedding cake. The decorations can be both rustic and elegant, giving the wedding a festive winter charm.

5. winter colors: Use winter colors such as white, silver, blue and grey, which reflect the cold and beauty of winter, for your wedding decorations. Combine them with some bright color accents such as red or gold to create a nice contrast. Silver and gold are of course also particularly suitable as colors for table accessories, cutlery and candle holders, which brilliantly support your color concept.

These 5 decorating tips will help you create an unforgettable
winter wedding
to create an unforgettable winter wedding. Discover >>HERE our special offer for weddings between November and March. Take advantage of the cold season and the beautiful winter landscape to make your celebration an unforgettable experience.

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