Bees at the Linslerhof

At Linslerhof we have our own beehives to help safeguard biodiversity and generate pure, natural Linslerhof honey as a by-product. There are also wild bee-friendly meadows at Linslerhof.

Honey from Linslerhof

You can now purchase our delicious Linslerhof honey at the hotel reception or online. The golden-colored, liquid summer honey in 250g jars are the perfect souvenir from Linslerhof. The honey is extracted and bottled directly on site by our beekeeper Mr. Jorzyk.

Small beneficial insects with a big impact

Bees have always been of great importance for ecology, food security, society and culture. Pollination is essential for the functioning of ecosystems.
These ecosystems and the organisms found in these habitats provide oxygen, clean water, regulate the climate and supply food and medicines, so-called ecosystem services. Through their pollination service, they play a key role in securing biodiversity and food supplies.
for mammals, birds and other creatures – and ultimately also for humans, confirms the UN World Biodiversity Council IPBES. Sustainable agriculture would be unthinkable without bee pollination. Fruit and vegetables, seeds, nuts and oil plants pollinated by bees contribute significantly to our healthy diet as they provide us with essential vitamins and minerals.