Dream wedding in the country – our 7 best decoration tips!

wedding in the countryside
offers a rustic and romantic atmosphere that can create unforgettable memories. To create this look, there are a few decorating tips you should consider.

1. natural materials: use natural elements such as flowers, branches and leaves to create a rural and carefree atmosphere. Use logs as tables or as a base for flower arrangements. You can also use wooden crates to display gifts or presents for guests, or build a photo wall out of wooden pallets.
Pretty stones can also be used as table decorations or as part of flower arrangements. Straw is another natural material that is perfect for a country wedding. Use straw bales as seating or as a base for a dance floor.


wedding with bird


2. vintage elements: Use vintage elements such as old suitcases, vases or picture frames to create a nostalgic charm. Vintage elements can also be used as seating and give the wedding a unique touch.
Old wooden crates and wine barrels can be used as tables and storage surfaces. A few well-placed vintage elements can enhance the atmosphere of the wedding in a unique way and transport guests back in time.

3. fairy lights: Hang up fairy lights or lanterns to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. This is particularly effective outdoors when you spread your illuminated decorations in trees and on paths. The lights emphasize the charm of the natural and enhance the ambience. Fairy lights can also be used as table decorations. One idea is to place small fairy lights in preserving jars and place them on the tables. This creates a romantic atmosphere that will delight your guests.

4. table decoration: use rustic tablecloths and napkins to complete the look. Natural materials such as linen or cotton in subtle colors are particularly suitable here. Add candles to create a cozy atmosphere. Don’t overload your tables, instead opt for a few but appropriate decorative elements.

5. signs: Wooden signs are a beautiful way to add a natural and personal touch to a country wedding. They can be placed in various locations, such as at the entrance to the venue, at the entrance to the ceremony or at the guests’ tables. A major advantage of wooden signs is that they can be easily personalized. They can be printed with the names of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding or a special saying. Different designs and fonts can also be implemented. The signs can also serve as signposts or contain information about the seating arrangements, the food or the order of events.

6. flower arrangements: At a country wedding you have a large selection of flowers for your decoration, which you can coordinate well with the season and your color scheme. Use wildflowers and grasses for the flower arrangements and place them in pretty vases or mason jars. Wooden crates or pots can also be used to emphasize the rural flair. In addition to their visual impact, flower arrangements also have an emotional significance. They symbolize love, joy and beauty and are therefore a perfect addition to a romantic country wedding.

7. seating: Use old benches or chairs for seating and decorate them with cushions and blankets for extra comfort. Even classic wooden chairs can be given a special touch with colorful seat cushions or flower garlands. Picnic blankets on grassy areas can be a great idea for inviting guests to relax. A swing under an old tree is certainly an eye-catcher and also a great photo motif for your wedding.

wedding in the country
can be an unforgettable experience if you consider the right decorating tips. Take advantage of the natural surroundings and add rustic and romantic elements to create a unique atmosphere.

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