Water green

Nature is now pulsating at the garden pond – and attracting many guests

The elements attract. Water, earth and air; it must have something to do with our idea of paradise that we often succumb to the temptation to create a pond in even the smallest terraced garden. In fact, the usually murky water quickly becomes a magnet for flora and fauna. It brings idyll to almost any location – at least in the eyes of the proud owner. What better stage could there be for contemplating nature? Usually dragonflies soon appear, maybe even a frog; the lush growth is for sale and comes from the nursery or garden center. All that’s missing now is a chair and a table and then no ordinary world can touch the relaxation in this microcosm …

Summary from “Living 03/2008”

Visit our hotel pond at the Linslerhof and enjoy the tranquillity and idyll of the cool water!

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