Children of the sun – Blossoms

This floral splendor enchants house and garden

At the beginning of the gardening season, every single flower in the garden is still marveled at – as a messenger of spring. And then the sun rises faster and faster in the sky and a veritable sea of flowers unfolds. First the fruit trees show their full splendor. In May, the buds of many perennials and early rose blossoms open in the borders. Paeonies, irises and lilac bushes; you want to embrace the whole world and don’t know how to do justice to this fragrant hustle and bustle. It is a true delight with which nature gets us in the mood for summer; and shortly before the sun reaches its highest point on June 21, everything outside rushes towards the omnipresent light with exuberance. You should celebrate this moment when it is in the air. For example, with lush floral decorations that reveal the full abundance of nature. The quieter days are sure to come, which is why it’s now time for a louder look. With an unmissable festival of color and lively sensuality!

The queen of flowers is increasingly appearing in her traditional garb. This refers to new cultivars of old rose varieties that are once again fragrant and enchant the observer with their full blooms. The Englishman David Austen led the way and many breeders on the continent have since followed his example. Her work is impressive, for example as a large bouquet in a silver bowl. It picturesquely combines the purple-red pile of the so-called English rose “Walzertraum” and the apricot-colored “Augusta Louise”. Including: the paeonia “Karl Rosenfield” and hydrangeas in dusky pink.


It is not only the English roses with their countless petals, which spread outwards in a tightly packed arrangement, that create a baroque effect on this table. The expansive silver vase and the porcelain with hand-painted fish decoration also take us back to another era. This splendor is very real and awakens romantic feelings that allow you to distance yourself from the all too straightforward everyday life. Table linen with a familiar kitchen check, small hand-painted glass vases and crystal goblets – this sensual dream can still be playfully fulfilled in the 3rd millennium …


Wild rose romance for the windowsill. A delicate wild rose motif adorns these curved ceramic cachepots, with narrow recesses on the sides that act as handles. The craquelure glaze adds to the nostalgic charm of these rose-green tinted pots, which can be decorated with flowers or fresh herb pots in the kitchen


Summary from “Living 03/2007

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