Wintertime is booktime. Because the cold days literally invite you to make yourself comfortable at home with your favorite book. Of course, the ambience also has to be right …
Even though winter has its charming sides and we wouldn’t want to miss it with its clear air and romantic snowy landscapes, it doesn’t hurt to escape the frosty season for at least a few hours. And the great thing is that you don’t necessarily have to get on an airplane, let alone leave your own four walls. All you need is a well-stocked bookshelf. When it’s freezing cold outside, you’re only too happy to sit down next to Raimund Gregorius on the night train to Lisbon to wander through the Portuguese capital with Pascal Mercier’s protagonist.



“If you have a garden and a library, you will want for nothing,” Cicero already knew. Here you are spoiled for choice as to which book to cozy up with on the sofa. The kilim stool from the Brigitte von Boch collection was quickly transformed into a coffee table.


Or you can simply travel in the opposite direction, to Ystad in southern Sweden, and go on the hunt for criminals with Henning Mankell’s fictional character Wallander. But Alexandre Dumas’ Demi-Monde, the Parisian demimonde, also has its charms. The young Armand Duval and his camellia lady Marguerite, who are hopelessly and hopelessly lost to each other, are great to suffer with on the sofa at home. In addition to a good book, the ambience is of course a key factor in perfect reading enjoyment. There is room for cozy retreats with comfortable light in every home. And what’s more, a favorite book or even a small library, properly displayed, gives your home that personal touch. Because – to stay on topic and quote Cicero – “A room without books is a body without a soul.”


It doesn’t always have to be the TV in front of which you gather in the living room. The whole family can sit and browse on the friendly, bright “Montant” sofa from the Brigitte von Boch collection with floor-length cushions and curved backrests in the Hollywood style of the 1930s. The ceiling beamsand wooden floor, together with the apple-green curtains and rustic elements, create the perfect atmosphere to forget everyday life for a few pages.

canopy bed relaxation

“Mimi never goes to bed without a thriller” – almost half of all book lovers prefer to read in the bedroom, just like the lady sung about. Of course, the atmosphere has to be right – bed linen with floral motifs, romantic bed curtains and a crystal chandelier as the icing on the cake. As the latter is more for decorative purposes, the “Pulton” table lamp from the Brigitte von Boch collection brightens up evening reading sessions.

content-reading island

Summary from “Living 01/2014”

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