Sustainability at the Linslerhof


We are committed to preserving values and treating nature and our entire environment with care. Sustainability and environmental protection are important issues for us, which is why we ensure that natural resources are used sparingly.

The Hotel Linslerhof has held the title “Certified Green Hotel” since 2011. As a conference hotel, the Linslerhof is one of the few business hotels that meet the strict requirements of the German Travel Management Association (VDR).

In the area of energy, the estate management relies on the generation of renewable energies such as solar energy. We are one of the largest private producers of solar power in the southwest. We have also invested in ecologically sustainable processes for the site’s water supply to conserve resources. The farm’s own sewage treatment plant ensures that only biologically purified water is returned to the “Linslerhof water protection area”. This ensures the best possible use of the scarce resource of water.

With our overall concept for sustainable and ecologically forward-looking behavior, we are pioneers in Saarland.

A large field of solar collectors on a meadow



Agriculture and livestock farming characterize the long history of the Linslerhof. Pigs, cattle and horses were kept in the spacious stables and grain, rapeseed and potatoes were grown in the fields.
The passionate farmer Ewald Meyer has been successfully running the fields and managing the equestrian farm with its more than 50 horse boxes and the many surrounding paddocks as a service provider for more than 35 years.

Rye, barley, maize and rapeseed are grown on the 130 hectares of farmland on the estate. As an essential part of modern agricultural management, the types of crops grown change every three years in order to sustainably maintain and renew soil fertility. Hay and straw are harvested on a further 130 hectares of the estate’s own land, which can therefore be used for riding without having to travel long distances.
In addition, a large-scale solar plant was built, which now supplies more than 3,000 households in the region with environmentally friendly solar power.

Clouds are reflected in solar panels on the roof


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