• For trainees with Abitur or Fachhochschulreife as part of a classic vocational training in the hotel and catering industry
  • Expanding the training to include basic business knowledge and thus broadening later employment opportunities
  • Additional lessons from the second semester of the basic level & additional written examination at the end of the training period

Module 1:

Bookkeeping – You will learn the basics of bookkeeping, record transactions in the catering business and draw up a balance sheet. You will develop initial insights into the economic situation of the company.

Contents e.g: Postings according to the double-entry bookkeeping system; balance sheet structure; calculating key figures

Module 2:

Controlling – The focus here is on the costs and performance of gastronomic companies. The aim is to set prices that cover all costs and generate a profit. Smart financing decisions also need to be made.

Contents e.g: Basics of costs and services; determining surcharges; calculation; types of financing

Module 3:

Human Resources – In this module, questions about the importance of staff in the hospitality industry, staff recruitment, staff deployment and staff management are clarified.

Contents e.g: Designing job advertisements, evaluating job interviews, creating personnel files

Module 4:

Business management – What needs to be considered when setting up a catering business? How can these companies be managed successfully? How do I motivate my employees? These are the module’s questions, the solutions to which the learners work out together.

Contents e.g: Legal forms of companies, management concepts, employee satisfaction