Craftsmen of good taste

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of cooking and forge your own culinary path?

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About the training

Imagine creating delicious dishes and menus with passion and creativity. During your cookery training, you will not only learn how to use all kitchen utensils and appliances and the important working techniques, but also the secrets of the perfect spice combinations, cooking times and presentation. But it also includes organization, purchasing and the creation of menus.
Teamwork is the magic word here – you will experience how different skills combine to create a perfect culinary experience. The hustle and bustle, the challenges and the shared success weld us together.
So, if you dream of conquering the world of flavors armed with a wooden spoon and apron, then training to become a chef is just the thing for you.

What you will learn

  • Prepare a variety of dishes with the help of professional working techniques and equipment
  • Making soups and sauces, desserts and salads, doughs and mixes
  • Planning workflows in the kitchen
  • Procurement, acceptance and storage of goods
  • Calculating costs, revenues and prices
  • Safety and health protection
  • Sustainable use of food/resources
  • Developing menu suggestions and advising guests
  • Guiding and leading employees

General conditions

Duration: 3 years, shortening possible
Training in the company and at vocational school

What you bring with you

  • Craftsmanship and diligence
  • A good sense of taste, culinary curiosity and creativity
  • Stress resistance
  • A desire to plan and organize in the kitchen
  • Ability to work in a team

You can continue like this

After your training, you will start your career as a Commis de Cuisine and gain professional experience in various positions. After further training, e.g. to become a master chef, you can progress to head chef or F&B manager.