All-rounder with an overview

This training is the ticket to a career full of hospitality, organization and unforgettable experiences!

About the training

Imagine you are the director of a great play in which guests play the leading role. During your training as a hotel specialist, you will learn how to pull the strings in the background to make every stay an unforgettable experience. From arrival to departure, you ensure that guests feel completely at ease.
You oversee the interfaces between all departments, ensure that the quality is right everywhere and that the wheels mesh smoothly.
Whether check-in, reservations or event management – you juggle various tasks and master every challenge with a smile. Your positive charisma and joy of communication will become your best tools.
So, if you fancy an apprenticeship where every day is different and you want to immerse yourself in the world of hospitality, then training as a hotel specialist is made for you.

What you will learn

  • Dealing with guests and designing the guest experience
  • Organization of the reception/reservation area
  • Sale of overnight stays and services
  • Organization and implementation of events
  • Planning, implementation and control of housekeeping
  • Tasks in F&B management
  • Guidance and management of employees
  • Interface management

General conditions

Duration: 3 years, shortening possible
Training in the company and at vocational school

What you bring with you

  • Openness and friendliness
  • Communication and sales talent
  • Organizational and team skills
  • Foreign languages an advantage

You can continue like this

Many hotel specialists later take over the management of various departments in our hotel. Or you can become self-employed and run your own hotel.