Service expert & event specialist

Are you ready for a job that requires not only taste but also organizational talent? Then this training is the key to a career full of culinary highlights and unforgettable events!

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About the training

You have the role of host Рwhether for a candlelight dinner, conference, wedding reception or à la carte service.
As a bridge between kitchen and guest, you have the know-how to explain the origin, taste and preparation of food and drinks to guests. You will learn how to put together menus, coordinate service and ensure that guests are not just satisfied, but delighted.
Teamwork is paramount here, and you become part of a lively crew that fights together for the perfect gastronomic experience.
In addition, you are a full professional in the organization and implementation of all types of events. As lively as it may be, you keep an overview and coordinate the entire catering operation.
So, if you dream of creating experiences and enjoy working in a lively environment, then training as a restaurant and event catering specialist is just the thing for you.

What you will learn

  • Designing the guest experience as a host
  • Planning and organizing events
  • Advising guests on food and drinks
  • Sales promotion
  • Professional serving of food and drinks
  • Making coffee specialties and cocktails
  • Dealing with billing and reservation systems
  • Organizing service processes
  • Sustainability and hygiene
  • Guidance and management of employees and teamwork

General conditions

Duration: 3 years, shortening possible
Training in the company and at vocational school

What you bring with you

  • Openness and friendliness
  • Communication and sales talent
  • Organizational and team skills
  • Quick comprehension
  • Foreign languages an advantage

You can continue like this

In restaurants you start as a Commis de Rang. Afterwards, you can specialize further, e.g. in the wine or bar sector. Or you can develop further in the direction of restaurant management or food & beverage management. The banquet and event department also offers exciting fields of activity with great potential at the Linslerhof.