Bee honey from Linslerhof

In late summer 2019, we settled some bee colonies of beekeeper Olaf Jorzyk at Linslerhof. Since then, the beehives have been located in a sheltered meadow between the garden house and the hotel pond.

The busy bees find a variety of food here on the farm, from the chestnut trees in the beer garden to the surrounding rapeseed fields and numerous flowers in the hotel garden.

This year is the first harvest of the delicious Linslerhof honey! The golden-colored, liquid summer honey and the smooth early harvest honey in 250g jars are the perfect souvenir from Linslerhof. The honey is extracted and bottled directly at the Linslerhof by our beekeeper Mr. Jorzyk.

Order your sample
online or purchase a glass at our hotel reception!

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